Empathy Trade Concern specializes in supply chain management. Our main function is to consolidate various goods from different manufacturers and export the goods under one set of documents. And also Empathy Trade Concern is an online shopping business store and Exporter of Nepalese Handicrafts, woolen items, jewellery, fashionable Nepalese clothing, pasmina, garments, etc.  Its main business theme is to promote and sell creative handcrafted items made by contemporary artists living in Nepal. As part of this, Empathy Trade Concern continually encourages Nepali artists and artisans t o refine their creativity by providing an online market for their products at attractive prices. Empathygroups.com also helps international importers introduce Nepali handicrafts items to their countries at reasonable cost. In fact, Empathy Trade Concern is B2B merchant and serves as a bridge between individual artists and importers. It is always offering new products and more varieties for their customers to choose from and unique products at the most competitive prices.
We maintain our quality standard in each & every individual product. Our entire product is made by the experts of skillful hands and 100% free from child-labor whom we select carefully under our strict supervision. We work directly with the producer and assist on all aspects of design and production to guarantee the highest standard in quality control.