• How do I make the payment?

The payment can be done via our bank. Once the purchase is confirmed, we'll provide our bank address.

  • Can I pay by my credit card?

We do accept MASTER CARD and VISA CARD. There is certain procedure to pay via credit card. Once the purchase is confirmed, we'll follow up the procedure.

  • How long will it take reach my order?

Once it is dispatched from here it normally takes two to three weeks. Once the payment is received, we make the shipment within the week or next depending upon the document requirements. If new product is to be made, we shall inform about the time period as according to the order.

  • Are these all hand made?

All of our products are handicrafts. All the items are made by hand using our traditional techniques handed over by generations.

  • How will you ship my order?

We have been exporting all over the world. Normally goods are shipped via air cargo but, upon request and with sizeable quantity, weight and volume we can arrange for sea shipping too.

  • How do I pay my freight charge?

We send your order in To-Pay Collect basis. You'll have to pay your freight charge in your place at the time of receiving the order. You do not have to pay the freight charge to us.